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"Coming from Tripoli, my four colleagues and I—representatives of the Libyan press, media, civil society and geosciences—arrived in Beirut on June 1..."

At a recent proposal-writing workshop organized by the Revenue Watch Institute – Natural Resource Charter in Erbil, Iraq, three participants thoughtfully answered a question: how is oil a tool for development?

"At first, I thought that the NRGI knowledge hub training in Lebanon would simply be like the many other events I have attended on various issues. However, I realized from the presentation of the program and the opening messages that the organizers were serious and knew well what they were doing."

RWI and the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies are offering a foundation course on natural resource governance to civil society and media from Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and Tunisia. The deadline for application is 7 May 2014 and...

The Revenue Watch Institute (RWI) has partnered with the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS) to lay the groundwork for a regional “knowledge hub” that will be based in Beirut. Serving stakeholders in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), the new hub will support civil society, media, parliamentary and government efforts to promote transparency and accountability in the governance of natural resources.