Monitoring the Oil and Gas Sectors and the Petroleum Fund of Timor Leste

Issue: Civil Society, EITI, Grants

Country: Timor-Leste

Organization: Luta Hamutuk

Luta Hamutuk is using RWI support to undertake a variety of initiatives that monitor the oil and gas sectors in Timor-Leste, including:

  • Monitoring the Petroleum Fund Law amendment process. Luta Hamutuk believes the proposed amendment could pose risks to the long-term sustainability of the Petroleum Fund—the revenues of which comprise the majority of the country’s GDP—and is advocating to retain existing parliamentary oversight requirements.
  • Organizing a national seminar to share the results of this monitoring and facilitate collaboration among stakeholders from all sectors on ensuring transparency and good governance.
  • Facilitating community and civil society discussions about the socio-economic and environmental impacts of large-scale oil projects across the country. 
  • Training media representatives to familiarize them with the Petroleum Fund Law and the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) implementation process in Timor-Leste, which was officially designated as EITI compliant in 2010.

Since 2008, RWI has supported Luta Hamutuk ("Striving Together") as it works to foster an open society in Timor-Leste, empowering citizens to participate in policy development processes and to more effectively monitor the country's extractive sector and uses of its Petroleum Fund.

During 2008 and 2009, Luta Hamutuk projects included the creation of multi-stakeholder committees to monitor infrastructure projects and support for better monitoring of budget planning and processes. The group also conducted research on contracts, processes and the physical conditions at industry sites. At the district level, Luta Hamutuk has worked with officials to build government understanding of how best to engage citizens in decision-making.

Luta Hamutuk promotes oil revenue transparency through the development and delivery of training modules for civil society organizations and local government.

Related Grants

Title Year Amount
Monitoring the Oil and Gas Sectors and the Petroleum Fund of Timor Leste 2011 $35,000
Monitoring the Oil and Gas Sectors and the Petroleum Fund of Timor Leste 2010 $40,000