RWI Welcomes Capacity Advancement Fellows from Mozambique and Sudan

Jamus Joseph and Dionisio Augusto Nombora

Revenue Watch Institute is pleased to introduce its new Capacity Advancement Fellows for 2009-2010: Dionisio Augusto Nombora, of the Center for Public Integrity in Mozambique, and Jamus Joseph, of Norwegian People's Aid Southern Sudan Program.

The CA Fellowship aims to build the capacity of mid-career civil society activists by deepening their understanding of the extractive industries and broadening their skills to connect local, national, and international campaigns.  Fellows are expected to return to their organizations and coalitions with specific knowledge and skills that will enable them to better meet current challenges and develop broader training, advocacy, and research agendas. The program targets key individuals to develop a cadre of future leaders in the extractive industries transparency campaigns.

During this year-long program, fellows will investigate international best practices for extractive resource management and the current role of local and international civil society organizations in promoting change. During the first half of the program, from August 2009 through January 2010, CA Fellows will be placed at Revenue Watch Institute offices in New York and take part in day-to-day RWI projects activities, extractive industry related classes at leading academic institutions, donor and civil society networking events, and will receive hands-on support for original research and a mentorship with an industry expert.  After they return to their home organizations, CA Fellows will implement a project based on their research and learning experience in New York, with the continued support of their program mentor. Revenue Watch will publish a short report from each fellow online at the culmination of the term, highlighting what was learned.

Dionisio Augusto Nombora, who works on poverty and corruption and extractive industry projects at the Center for Public Integrity in Mozambique, plans to use this fellowship to build his capacity to support civil society, parliamentarians and other oversight groups to engage in the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) and to strive to monitor contract implementation and track revenue streams.  Dionisio has worked at the Center for Public Integrity, a Revenue Watch grantee, for three years, and previously worked with local governments. Dionisio also intends to boost the Publish What You Pay coalition’s activities in Mozambique to raise awareness on EITI, ensure that the initiative is part of the agenda at the National Assembly, and facilitate public disclosure of investment contracts between government and companies in the extractive industry. Dionisio's interest will likely suit him well as he researches and works with RWI's EITI monitoring, contracts transparency advocacy, and parliamentarian capacity building teams.

Jamus Joseph, the Land and Natural Resource Advisor in the Norwegian People's Aid Southern Sudan Program, plans to use this fellowship to learn more about revenue transparency and resource revenue management and to subsequently share his findings with civil society and local governments in Southern Sudan.  Though new to the resource revenue management field, Jamus has extensive experience in the environmental aspects of natural resource management. After receiving a PhD in Range Science, he has worked with several environmental and natural resources management NGOs on conservation, monitoring, advocacy, and capacity building. Jamus' plans to build the capacity of local government and civil society in Southern Sudan—where local governments receive a large portion of their revenues from extractives, but neither the government nor civil society have the capacity to monitor these revenues—will afford him many opportunities to learn from RWI's ongoing EITI and subnational programs.