Oil, Gas and Mining for Development

The Natural Resource Charter Benchmarking Framework is a tool for benchmarking a country’s management of oil, gas and minerals against global best practices. Created in response to government and civil society demand for a practical way to measure resource governance, it is the product of five years of expert input and testing in more than 15 country projects.

Oil and the revenues it brings shape Libya’s economic and political landscape. The Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) and its management, therefore, are of central focus for good governance advocates inside and outside the country.

As prices of various commodities fall, many resource-rich countries are facing increasingly difficult choices. This series of articles, by NRGI experts and the organization’s partners, explores specific challenges in different contexts, as well as the solutions open to countries facing lowered investment, reduced government revenues, and increasing deficits.

Photo by Lauren DeCicca for NRGI