RWI Shares Methodology and Materials for EITI Training

Issue: EITI, Training
Country: International
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The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is a global standard to help countries secure greater benefits from their oil, gas and minerals. EITI offers a robust approach to reconcile industry payments with government revenues, a process overseen by representatives from civil society groups, companies and government in each country.

RWI provides technical support to stakeholders navigating the EITI process in their own countries, through original research, expert training materials and a range of capacity development activities.

We are pleased to make this knowledge and experience available in standardized modules that document the stages of EITI. The materials include, Introducing the EITI, Defining the Scope of EITI, Analyzing the EITI Report, Communicating about EITI and The EITI Validation Process. The modules were produced with generous support from the EITI Multi-Donor Trust Fund.

Our EITI modules are undergirded by RWI research and analysis that help participants go beyond basic compliance and explore the transformative role EITI can play in promoting better governance of the oil, gas and mining sector. RWI modules use an interactive, adult learning approach based on our extensive training experience with complex legal and economic issues.

Each module contains:

A Facilitation Guide: This presents learning objectives along with a variety of activities to meet them, including lecture-style presentations, group exercises, facilitated plenary discussions, suggested reading and multimedia resources. In addition to "day-of-event" activities, the guides include sections to help the facilitator with participant selection, preparation and follow-up, in order to ensure that their learning continues beyond the end of the formal session. An extensive appendix provides evaluation forms, sample agendas, sample seating arrangements and checklists. Each module also offers ideas for adapting the training to different skill levels and audiences.

Presentation Slides: A deck of PowerPoint slides supports the activities presented in the module. The slides include detailed guidance notes for trainers.

Session-specific Handouts and other resources for distribution to participants, to help them refresh or continue their learning after the workshop.

These Revenue Watch EITI training modules are available for download at All materials are available in PDF format. Presentations in editable Microsoft PowerPoint files are available on request, for training and educational purposes, and after approval by RWI.

RWI is eager to receive feedback on how to further improve the content and user-friendliness of these modules. Please send your comments to

Katarina Kuai is a Training and Capacity Development Program Officer at RWI.

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