Lower oil prices, Latin American reforms amidst crisis and scandal, and thoughts on Azerbaijan’s status in EITI. NRGI's February roundup highlights these developments and more.

Legislation to increase extractive sector transparency is moving forward in Canada and the UK, and significant progress is being made in other countries, thanks to engaged stakeholders around the world. NRGI's December roundup highlights these developments and more.

As a development issue, natural resource governance has achieved remarkable visibility in recent months. NRGI president Daniel Kaufmann shares his takeaways from key events in Washington, New York and around the world.

President Daniel Kaufmann looks back on events relating to mandatory disclosure and the Natural Resource Charter.

President Daniel Kaufmann looks back on the EITI international board meeting in Oslo and shares new tools and research for natural resource governance.

President Daniel Kaufmann discusses advocacy in Canada, constitution-making in Tunisia, new research on natural resource funds, and other subjects.

The government of Guinea launched the online publication of its contracts with mining companies, bringing significant transparency to the most important part of the country’s economy.

Our latest newsletter features updates on our work Libya, Myanmar, Guinea, Bolivia, Azerbaijan, Brazil and Canada.