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Until a legal framework is in place, signing up for exploration licences in Iraq and Kurdistan remains a huge political risk.


A colelction of contracts, deeds of assignment and the unitization agreement from Ghana's Jubilee Field, as published by Kosmos Energy and Tullow Oil.

Democratic Republic of Congo

DRC's published mining contracts approved/signed after 2008 government renegotiations.

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These legislative proposals, adopted in October 2011, would require EU-based companies to disclose their payments to governments for oil, gas, minerals and logging on a country-by-country and per project basis.

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In this working paper from the Center for Global Development, Johnny West says Iraq’s oil industry has an opportunity to introduce an oil dividend based on expanding production.

Sierra Leone

Azerbaijan's 2010 EITI report, carried out by independent accounting firm Moore Stephens, for the year ended 31 December 2010.


This document regulates the application of the right to prior consultation for indigenous peoples within Peru's extractive industries.


This 2011 law guarantees Nigerian citizens access to public information kept by the government, public institutions and private bodies carrying out public functions or spending public funds.


This Policy Forum guide to parliamentary advocacy is based on the experience of Tanzanian civil society, but also offers a wealth of general, practical tools for influencing legislation in extractive sectors.

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Full text of Sec. 1504 of the U.S. Wall Street reform law, requiring all companies registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to publicly report oil, gas and mineral payments.

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