NRGI’s blog received tens of thousands of unique visits this year. Below, we share the 10 most-read blog pieces of 2015. From country-specific perspectives to globally relevant policy discussions, NRGI experts offered news, insight and prescriptions over the course of the year.

While headlines still narrate a woeful tale of conflict in oil-rich Libya, many actors are hard at work planning for the country’s future, once peace prevails.

In 2014 NRGI’s MENA Regional Knowledge Hub (a partnership with the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies [LCPS]) offered its first foundation course on natural resource governance to civil society actors and members of the media from Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and Tunisia. In this course, participants strengthen their understanding of the oil and gas sectors and develop skills to engage in effective policy advocacy or reporting.

While rival Libyan politicians were last month attempting to come to an agreement on how to “split the cake” in the Moroccan town of Skhirate, the Libyan Transparency Working Group met in Istanbul to establish exactly what’s left of that cake and how to preserve it.

"Coming from Tripoli, my four colleagues and I—representatives of the Libyan press, media, civil society and geosciences—arrived in Beirut on June 1..."

RWI and the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies are offering a foundation course on natural resource governance to civil society and media from Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and Tunisia. The deadline for application is 7 May 2014 and...

Libya has all the resources it needs to become the richest country per capita in North Africa. But if current trends continue, the nation of 6.5 million may well go bankrupt by 2018...

After more than 40 years of systematic exclusion, Libya’s nascent civil society is exhibiting increased interest in public participation. Civil society leaders convened in a training workshop on “good governance” of the Extractive Industry (EI) sector, seeking to sensitize participants about the sector and international transparency instruments...

Blessed with nearly unlimited quantities of oil, the future is bright for Libya. But only if the country manages its oil wealth responsibly.

Meet Hajer Elgaid, who was elected to Libya’s General National Congress with the National Forces Alliance, the country’s largest political party.