Transnational Litigation Manual for Human Rights and Environmental Cases in US Courts

Issue: Training
Organization: Earth Rights International
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In recent years, several laws have been used to allow lawsuits in US courts for human rights violations, and other harms that occurred in other countries. Such transnational lawsuits have been brought through the concerted efforts of victims, local and international activists, and legal teams. Most recently, several major multinational corporations have been sued in the US for human rights abuses committed around the world.

This guide, created by Earthrights Internationa, is directed toward non-lawyers who want to learn more about this type of litigation, and possibly participate in a lawsuit. Although lawyers, especially those unfamiliar with the mechanics of these types of cases, may also benefit from the guide, it is not intended to be a scholarly treatise. Rather, it is a guide for activist organizations, victims, and others who want to know whether they can help bring corporations and others to justice for harms they have caused.