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As producing countries grapple with lower prices for oil and many other commodities, NRGI experts are exploring the challenges—and, in some cases, opportunities—of the new price landscape. Follow our analysis of the issue through op-eds, blog posts, and reports here.

State-Owned Enterprises Featured Video

As Myanmar seeks to build more modern and open oil, gas and mining industries, the state-owned economic enterprises (SEEs) active in these sectors will play a critical role. Enhancing the effectiveness of these SEEs will be an important goal of Myanmar’s continued economic reform as the country embarks upon its post-election transition.

Civil Society Featured Video
The third anniversary of the unjust imprisonment of NRGI advisory council member Ilgar Mammadov comes at a grave inflection point for Azerbaijan. The government, made wealthy by Caspian oil deposits, is now on its knees due to cratering oil prices.
Dodd-Frank Featured Video

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission voted today on a proposed rule to implement Section 1504 of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act. The law requires US-listed oil, gas and mining companies to disclose the billions of dollars in payments that they make to governments around the world in exchange for the right to extract precious natural resources.

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NRGI and its partners are pleased to announce course offerings for 2016. With generous donor support, NRGI offers a number of scholarships available to eligible participants from select countries...

Subnational Featured Video

This photo essay is the sixth installment in NRGI's 2015 extractive industries photo documentary project, which aims to capture the complex political, environmental and social realities at resource extraction sites throughout Myanmar.

Publish What You Pay Featured Video

Today, Switzerland-based trading house Trafigura disclosed how much it paid to several governments in exchange for commodities in its first annual responsibility report. For decades, physical commodity traders have embraced secrecy as a basic part of their business model, even when dealing with public institutions. The disclosures by Trafigura represent a much-needed step away from this unfortunate tradition. There remains, however, ample room for improvement.

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News and insights on Myanmar's state-owned companies, our free online extractives course, a possible Aramco IPO and more...

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NRGI has created a series of short, illustrated overviews of key topics in NRGI's portfolio of work. Together they serve as a robust introduction for the lay reader to fundamental issues and concepts in resource governance.

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With the long super-cycle of high commodity prices behind us, the party is over—it seems lower oil and mineral prices may be around for some time. Many resource-rich countries are now under financial stress...

State-Owned Enterprises Featured Video

The first in-depth, independent analysis of how Nigeria’s NNPC sells its oil: how oil sale practices have worsened since 2010, why Nigeria’s government should pursue two tracks of reform, and annexes on oil-for-fuel swaps, government-to-government sales, and the troubled domestic crude allocation...

EITI Featured Video

This briefing explores options open to countries for collecting, publishing and using information on the beneficial owners of oil, gas and mining companies. It provides background on how beneficial ownership works in the extractive industries and why it matters.

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