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As producing countries grapple with lower prices for oil and many other commodities, NRGI experts are exploring the challenges—and, in some cases, opportunities—of the new price landscape. Follow our analysis of the issue through op-eds, blog posts, and reports here.

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NRGI experts will be in attendance in Lima, Peru, 7-11 October 2015, for the meetings as well as civil society side events. Join them in person or via webast, at the four different events.

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In the first of a series of photo essays by six different photographers in Myanmar, Lauren DeCicca has documented the challenging circumstances faced by community members living alongside the giant copper mine.

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In a recent blog post for the Brookings Institution, NRGI president Daniel Kaufmann writes about the current “governance moment.” He draws on developments at the UN General Assembly and elsewhere, as well as the release of a new edition of the Worldwide Governance Indicators, to make the point that governance is measurable, and that the resulting data is a critical tool in country-level and global efforts to improve.

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The World Bank has released a new edition of the Worldwide Governance Indicators, which combine the views of a large number of enterprise, citizen and expert survey respondents in industrial and developing countries.

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NRGI president and CEO Daniel Kaufmann, who co-produces the Worldwide Governance Indicators published by the World Bank, discussed his recent article “Corruption Matters” with the IMF’s Bruce Edwards. Published in September in Finance & Development, the piece discusses the larger themes of governance and corruption in Latin America and elsewhere.

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Confronting corruption in Latin America--one of the great development challenges the region faces--means understanding the shape it takes in respective nations. On Tuesday in Santiago, Chile, NRGI president and CEO Daniel Kaufmann took part in a morning event organized by the Universidad Adolfo Ibañez and Espacio Público focused on the outstanding challenges of corruption in Chile and throughout Latin America.

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In an article for Finance & Development, NRGI president Daniel Kaufmann outlines the contours of Latin America’s wide, encompassing networks of corruption. He writes that corruption often involves a network of politicians, organizations, companies, and private individuals colluding to “capture” benefits from access to power, public resources, and policymaking, at the expense of the public good. Kaufmann suggests an alternative view of corruption—“the privatization of public policy.”

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While the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative has successfully increased transparency in the extractive sector over the last ten years, data from its reports are often underutilized by global and in-country actors. If this challenge is overcome, EITI reports could inform much more to policymaking and public debate, and thereby contribute to better governance and accountability in the oil, gas and mining sector.

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NRGI has created a series of short, illustrated overviews of key topics in NRGI's portfolio of work. Together they serve as a robust introduction for the lay reader to fundamental issues and concepts in resource governance.

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This briefing explores options open to countries for collecting, publishing and using information on the beneficial owners of oil, gas and mining companies. It provides background on how beneficial ownership works in the extractive industries and why it matters.

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On Thursday, 3 September, NRGI president Daniel Kaufmann joined a plenary conversation on the role of anti-corruption and transparency in the fight against poverty.

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Under its new Standard, the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) was expanded from a forum for reconciling extractive resource revenues, to a broader instrument for the disclosure of information across the entire extractive industry decision chain...

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The first in-depth, independent analysis of how Nigeria’s NNPC sells its oil: how oil sale practices have worsened since 2010, why Nigeria’s government should pursue two tracks of reform, and annexes on oil-for-fuel swaps, government-to-government sales, and the troubled domestic crude allocation...

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NRGI and its partners offer courses to civil society advocates, government officials, journalists and parliamentarians working toward improving the management of oil, gas and minerals. Course offerings and participant videos are now available.

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International Anti-Corruption Conference in Malaysia, Corruption in Latin America, Inside NNPC Oil Sales: A Case For Reform in Nigeria, and more...

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