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On September 24, the Open Government Partnership held a high-level event at the United Nations Building, where NRGI’s Suneeta Kaimal and fellow OGP co-chairs showcased country commitments and presented the 2014 Open Government Awards honoring citizen engagement initiatives from around the world. View Suneeta’s speech, see photos with U.S. President Barack Obama, and learn more about OGP here.
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The sale of crude oil by governments and their national oil companies is one of the least scrutinized aspects of oil sector governance. This report is the first detailed examination of those sales, and focuses on the top ten oil exporting countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

State-Owned Enterprises Featured Video

Some NOCs have contributed heavily to successful efforts to harness benefits from the oil sector and drive broader national development. In other cases, however, NOCs have become inefficient managers....

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The 2014 Natural Resource Charter Conference, presented by NRGI and OxCarre, took place on June 12 and 13 in Oxford, England.

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We have a new name: the Natural Resource Governance Institute. Our 70 staff around the globe are thrilled to continue our journey under this new banner.

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The 2013 Resource Governance Index (RGI) measures the quality of governance in the oil, gas and mining sector of 58 countries among the world's top producers of oil, gas and minerals.

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EITI’s principles underscore the need for an environment that enables civil society to speak freely and engage in public debate on natural resource governance.

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Canadian exploration and mining associations, in collaboration with civil society organizations, have released recommendations for the development of a payment transparency standard for all publicly-traded mining companies in Canada.

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Uganda is on the path to becoming a significant oil producer in the next decade, with production potentially reaching over 200,000 barrels per day...

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The 2014 edition aims to equip a large number of monitoring bodies, including CSOs, media and parliamentarians, with knowledge and skills to improve the quality of their response and their ability to influence transparent and accountable management of EI in francophone Africa.

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The NRGI IKAT-US project is a USAID-funded partnership with three Indonesian NGOs and regional civil society counterparts.

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President Daniel Kaufmann looks back on events relating to mandatory disclosure and the Natural Resource Charter.

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As more countries come to see the importance of contract transparency in oil, gas and mining, more contracts are becoming available for scrutiny in the public domain. currently hosts more than 175 oil, gas and mining contracts...

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