In early February, the government of Mongolia went to the nation's mobile phone subscribers with a seemingly simple opinion poll. To stabilize the value of its declining currency, should Mongolia (1) advance the Oyu Tolgoi mine and other large-scale development projects, or (2) reduce expenditures and consumption, and instill economic discipline? As their economy faltered, citizens essentially faced a choice between foreign investment or austerity measures. "Let's decide together," the survey entreated potential respondents.

The IMF is in the process of issuing a new Fiscal Transparency Code (FTC) to replace its Code of Good Practices on Fiscal Transparency. The existing code forms part of the IMF’s guidance on fiscal transparency to its member countries. It is used to prepare voluntary country reports, which guide IMF policy discussions with national authorities and provide valuable information on countries’ adherence to internationally recognized standards...

Lower oil prices, Latin American reforms amidst crisis and scandal, and thoughts on Azerbaijan’s status in EITI. NRGI's February roundup highlights these developments and more.

NRGI and Petrad are pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for the 2015 NRGI-Petrad Petroleum Governance Fellowship. The program seeks to increase civil society leaders’ effectiveness in promoting the better management of petroleum for the public good. In 2015 the fellowship will be open to civil society leaders from the following countries: Ghana, Iraq, Myanmar, Tanzania and Uganda.

“Walking the talk.” “Practicing what you preach.” These oft-invoked metaphors speak to the importance of matching actions to words. Another cliché is “pulling back the curtain”—showing the world that you have nothing to hide. At the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI), we assumed we were doing all of these things—until Transparify rang our bell.

Daniel Kaufmann discusses the need to address resource governance challenges in Latin America and argues that broader institutional reforms are key to complementing and translating transparency initiatives into the effective governance of natural resources.

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